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Fabrication and installation

We manufacture all type of industrial door  and giant and several other models. Therefore we manufacturing whit the standards of CWB and with a quality management system such as ISO 9002. We manufacture since 1948 according to the demands of architects and engineers for products sometimes not available on the market. We have a team to meet the demand of specialists. We manufacture custom engineer with approval as required and also we can provide technical drawings.

Sales, service, installation, maintenance and repair of all products related to the residential garage door. Service and experience in this field since 1948. We distribute more than 7 brands known residential garage door: moored, Garex, Richards- Wilcox, Raynor, Upwardoor, Cedo and lynx. So we can offer the widest range of possible product in one place. As for operators we distribute Lift Master and Manaras product, For hight speed door we supplied Rytec Doors. Mobile unit available for the entire  region and Montreal.

Service and maintenance

Asselin industry is able to do service and maintenance on all garage doors. With exclusive distribution on many items, we are your reference in the field. All of are road mobile units serving the emergency are veteran millwright and electronic specialist  in all type of garage door. We offer this service since 1948, three generations dedicated to meet demand more and more specific. Evaluation Service of states of the products and service available. Mobile unit available across Canada and the northern United States. A technician available to lead groups of workers with the specific product installation.

Construction Mechanics

Sale, maintenance, installation, equipment management maintenance and repair of any product related to millwright works. Installation and service on fixed machines or other for mechanical parts, hydraulic or pneumatic. Maid Service and available action. Mobile unit available to all Canada and the northern United States. Technicians available to lead groups of workers with the specific product installation.


An experienced team that is in this field of expertise since 1948 can submit all the information for a quote according to your needs. We will work to give you a complete quote to customer needs with the architect’s requirements. All requests, whether standard when custom, we will help you to develop your quote. We are highly recognized in the custom manufacturing area. We are currently working with more than 16 architectural firms.

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